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In this video, I will explain about SEO Matric which should be used to measure SEO performance. Please do watch the video till the end to know all matric that is useful for SEO measurement.

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How to search on Google, Tips and Tricks?Top 10 Google Command for SEO | Google SEO Cheat Sheet

With over 200 trillion pages in Google’s search index, this tutorial shows you how to use Google advanced search operators like site, chache and info and tricks for marketers. Subscribe ► Google’s job is to provide users with the most relevant search results. And seeing millions and sometimes billions of search results can be overwhelming. Here you will learn how can you find the result which you want exactly.

How major success of SEO for your website?

As per my analysis there are many factors which is really accepted by clients. So as per my understanding I have divided SEO success in two major parts.

  1. SEO success for clients
  2. SEO success for SEO Consultant

So first we will discuss SEO success for clients. Clients are paying us so we should firstly focus on it so that we are able to generate some revenue as per client understanding. Once we are able to show some success than to achieve our all milestone we should follow and work as per SEO consultant, reason behind this because once we will follow SEO Consultant than results will be best and for long time. Hope you understand this situation.

So once we start our SEO project than we do some pre-analysis, we consider our pre-analysis as a benchmark and then we move ahead a step by step. I am sharing some below points which really help us to judge the output of SEO work.

  1. Targeted Keywords Ranking
  2. Traffic from Search Engine
  3. Referral Traffic
  4. Indexing number in all search engine
  5. Search Queries Impression and clicks
  6. Keywords Ranking for Local and Organic Keywords
  7. Crawling Rate of Website
  8. Knowledge Graph status
  9. Schema Implementation
  10. Links to website Status
  11. Brand Impact for Branded Keywords
  12. Online Reputation Status etc.

…..some more points be continue…..

So as per all points we can track month on month activities along with status for all points which will clearly tell you the growth of the project.

Now apart from this we are going to share some detail which a SEO consultant does and we can track all these activities and major success of SEO.

When a SEO consultant reviews the project than as per his/her pre analysis report he start working for the project. So below are the points which SEO consultants check at the time of doing analysis and start working accordingly.

  1. Landing Page Optimization as per Targeted Keywords
  2. Keywords mapping as per targeted URL
  3. Health of website
  4. Traffic status
  5. Indexing status for all Search Engine
  6. Link Building strategy and numbers for back links
  7. Domain Authority
  8. Moz Rank for Domain
  9. Moz Page Authority
  10. Rich Card Implementation
  11. Social Icons presence in Google SERP
  12. HTML Improvement
  13. Internal Links Optimization
  14. Proper Search Engine Guidelines Follow UP
  15. XML and HML sitemap Stats and Regular Updating
  16. txt implementation
  17. Mobile Usability and so more….

These factors is useful to major our SEO success. All points once implemented we can track Month on month growth and can see how our SEO project is doing overall.

May be this will help you to major your SEO success. Please share your feedback for the same so that I am able to write some more stuff which will help you.

Best way to Increase Online Traffic for your website

Search Engine Optimization is the best techniques now a days to generate revenue from your website or product. There are many things which we should do to increase keywords ranking of website for search engine like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Below ae the two major activities for SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

1. On Page Optimization – Here I am sharing some key point which is really necessary at the time of SEO.

 Meta Tags Optimization
 Header Tag Implementation
 Alt Tag Optimization
 Image Optimization
 XML Updating
 404 URL Solution etc, rest I will share in another on page post.

2. Off Page Optimization – While you have done with On Page Optimization then we need to do some off page Optimization, so that we are able to create some back links for our website. I am sharing some lasted and major off Page techniques here and share some example for the same

 Social Media Engagement: – Now a day’s Social media is the channel which is really used by many people, if you are following the guidelines and sharing latest data related to your website then it will really give you a positive feedback in terms of visits and Application conversion.

I am sharing some most useful social media website which will impact your business in positive way.
 etc

 Social Bookmarking – Social Bookmarking is the best platform where you can promote your website. Here you will just add you web page or blog and soon you will get high amount of traffic as a referral from social bookmarking sites.

I am sharing some major social bookmarking sites which is really good to use.
 etc

 Forum Submission and Discussion– We should participate in forums and want to share our knowledge there.

Rest I will share in my coming post, to know better about off page activities keep visiting or regular time.

Why Enroll into a Digital Marketing Training in Ghaziabad

The ecommerce world has evolved a lot since its inception. Lately, the introduction of digital marketing has given a new meaning to online presence of a business. In fact, it has become a critical part of a business, these days. To be able to make the most out of the trend, one either needs to be well versed with these techniques or hire a professional.

Increase in demand of professionals in this field has also increased the demand of training centers where one can learn about ins and outs of digital marketing. Many schools and colleges across the globe tried to create a catch-up database for everybody with traditional experiences in marketing. The initial step towards this was to introduce aspects of digital marketing into various multimedia courses in training institutes and colleges.

A Competitive Advantage

Enrolling into digital marketing training in Ghaziabad will provide you with a substantial advantage over your competition. The knowledge about the latest marketing trends and efficiency to build strategies will let you establish yourself as the most wanted and successful professional.

Doing a thorough research will let you know about a variety of online marketing courses available, these days. These courses are available both as diploma, certification courses and in post-graduate formats. The customary marketing executives will only require an intensive introduction to the concept. This will help them equalize the playing field.

On the other hand, those new to this market will get their degrees and diplomas. These enlightened individuals are fully aware of the importance of SEO, PPC and social media marketing for online success of any business.

One of the major reasons behind increasing popularity of these courses is competitiveness in the job market. The market has become more competitive and tough to emulate these days. So in case, you wish to join the industry or wish to establish a proper online presence for your company, digital marketing courses will definitely help. As a digital marketer, you can easily help your or any business take their online presence to new heights.

In case, you are an entrepreneur and are running or planning to run your own business, a marketing course can certainly benefit you. All you need to do is simply check the syllabus and curriculum in advance. This will let you get equipped with the best of knowledge related to the topic and get hired quick. For entrepreneurs or wannabes, this course can open new doors of opportunities for their business.

A thorough research for a reputed institute in Ghaziabad and nearby areas will let you gain knowledge about latest online marketing trends.

In a Nutshell

Digital marketing training in Ghaziabad can open new avenues of marketing for professionals, students and those interested in making a career in this field. These courses are a great way to educate oneself about newest tactics and fundamentals of online business and marketing. The industry offers a huge career scope for novices and the experienced.

Choose Come4seo for the Best Conversion Technology Services

Television is one of the oldest medium of social communication. However Facebook, Quickr, LinkedIn, Twitter etc.

Conversion Technology

Come4Seo is recognized widely as a leading and reliable company in the market dedicated to offer state-of-the-art Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services. We hold high proficiency in using conversion technology to offer the best conversion rate optimization services. Conversion Rate Optimization can be referred to as a process intended towards converting visitors into clienteles. The conversion technique has attained huge popularity due to its capacity to become a chief performance pointer for the website and the brand. Undoubtedly, the major goal of a website and company online is the internet is to get attract good amount of traffic and enhance business prospects. This is exactly where Conversion Technique and Rate Optimization come into role-play.

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Our services never go wrong. They are carved and delivered to perfection to our patrons. The professional team at Come4Seo works towards taking special care of specific requirements of our clients. When it comes to delivering a high ROI, we have stood the test of time with several years of experience. For us, Conversion Technology is a tool to turn visitors into sales. Why Add Conversion Technology to your Website Conversion rate optimization can be denoted is the process of refining and fine-tuning a website to decrease the bounce rate to a huge amount. Interestingly, the process is intended towards leading a visitor to the action you aptly want them to take. Enhancing your conversion rate will increase your chances of making more money.

Our Experts Integrate Conversion Technology through the Following:

• Metrics Scrutiny
• Usability Analysis
• Landing Page Optimization
• Sales Funnel Optimization
• Multivariate Testing
• A/B Testing
• Optimization of website
• Website maintenance
Web analytics
• Adept keyword placement

The conversion technology when added to your website can take your website to a journey of never ending fame and success. Don’t wait anymore. Just hit the target at the right place and at the right time, the jackpot will be all yours.

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The dynamic effect of SEO training India

Professional SEO services India can give a boost to your site. It will help you rise above your competitors. As per the opinions given by SEO experts, these services help business owners ensure top rank search engines facilities. Their primary focus is on integrating a unique setting to the business website to attract online users.

All most all search engine optimization experts apply the latest strategies and advanced analytics service to help the website gather fame, name, and customers. The SEO India services give a positive impact on a website. The professionals working for these companies guarantee you strategies and tips to cope with the competition and emerge as a winner.

Most reputed SEO services India companies ensure top positions on major search engines such as Google and Yahoo. The best part is that only white hat strategies are used by SEO professionals.

The major requirement here is to look for a company that has a strong standing in the industry with a decent number of satisfied clientele. This will ensure you unique website design, content management, keyword management, and a variety of other things that can help you bring rank your website to the top search engine results.

With the best SEO India services, you can guarantee excellent top search engine results for your business website. Your potential customers will find it easy to reach you online. They will know about your products and services you have to offer. So if it is about taking your business to greater heights, it has to be the SEO way.

For best SEO services you need to choose the right company or person, i will prefer to connect with SEO Training Institute in Delhi for best SEO guy.

Super Strong Reasons to Hire SEO Trainer India

In this age of severe competition, online success is important for every business. This is the only way businesses can acquire fame and name in their respective fields. But what is the mantra for online success? What determines the success of a business online? Well, the primary reason a company build a store online is to attract as many customers as possible. This indicates that the ability to of a business website to attract potential customers online determines its success.

So now that you know about the success mantra of your online business, it is time to make sure you apply some effective strategies to achieve your goal. Heard of SEO? Well, if you haven’t, then it is high time that you gather adequate info on SEO services India. In fact, all business having website online should know about the importance of SEO India services.  After all, what good a website is if can’t be found in the search engines? Well, it is true that there are many ways to promote a website. However, majority of website users turn to eminent search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, Bing, etc. to get info on a variety of products and services. Hence, it is crucial to build a search engine presence to achieve online success. And only a highly efficient SEO professional can help you achieve this.

Here are some super strong reasons to hire an SEO Services India:


A company website is definitely the foundation of a website marketing strategy. The website needs to have a nice design and user friendly navigation. The content needs to include details of present product offerings, contact information, and a lot more. A website needs to comprise of all these things besides offering a highly useful product or service. SEO India services ensure this.

Strong Search Presence

A website should have a strong search engine presence to be able to ensure success. It takes time but it is certainly important for the website to rank in the search engines. For any business website, it is crucial to appear in the first few pages of a search. And this is how a SEO services India company helps.

SEO Knowledge

Most website owners do not have the basic understanding of SEO. This is also the reason SEO services are the best options to go for.

Lack of Time

Do you have enough time to create SEO strategies? No. This is because you want to devote maximum time to your business and profit making endeavors. SEO is a highly technical subject and bet left the professionals.

SEO India services promise you dynamic SEO strategies that facilitate you ensure maximum success for your business site. Choosing one of these services with care will help you gain maximum viewership for your site.