How major success of SEO for your website?

As per my analysis there are many factors which is really accepted by clients. So as per my understanding I have divided SEO success in two major parts.

  1. SEO success for clients
  2. SEO success for SEO Consultant

So first we will discuss SEO success for clients. Clients are paying us so we should firstly focus on it so that we are able to generate some revenue as per client understanding. Once we are able to show some success than to achieve our all milestone we should follow and work as per SEO consultant, reason behind this because once we will follow SEO Consultant than results will be best and for long time. Hope you understand this situation.

So once we start our SEO project than we do some pre-analysis, we consider our pre-analysis as a benchmark and then we move ahead a step by step. I am sharing some below points which really help us to judge the output of SEO work.

  1. Targeted Keywords Ranking
  2. Traffic from Search Engine
  3. Referral Traffic
  4. Indexing number in all search engine
  5. Search Queries Impression and clicks
  6. Keywords Ranking for Local and Organic Keywords
  7. Crawling Rate of Website
  8. Knowledge Graph status
  9. Schema Implementation
  10. Links to website Status
  11. Brand Impact for Branded Keywords
  12. Online Reputation Status etc.

…..some more points be continue…..

So as per all points we can track month on month activities along with status for all points which will clearly tell you the growth of the project.

Now apart from this we are going to share some detail which a SEO consultant does and we can track all these activities and major success of SEO.

When a SEO consultant reviews the project than as per his/her pre analysis report he start working for the project. So below are the points which SEO consultants check at the time of doing analysis and start working accordingly.

  1. Landing Page Optimization as per Targeted Keywords
  2. Keywords mapping as per targeted URL
  3. Health of website
  4. Traffic status
  5. Indexing status for all Search Engine
  6. Link Building strategy and numbers for back links
  7. Domain Authority
  8. Moz Rank for Domain
  9. Moz Page Authority
  10. Rich Card Implementation
  11. Social Icons presence in Google SERP
  12. HTML Improvement
  13. Internal Links Optimization
  14. Proper Search Engine Guidelines Follow UP
  15. XML and HML sitemap Stats and Regular Updating
  16. txt implementation
  17. Mobile Usability and so more….

These factors is useful to major our SEO success. All points once implemented we can track Month on month growth and can see how our SEO project is doing overall.

May be this will help you to major your SEO success. Please share your feedback for the same so that I am able to write some more stuff which will help you.

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