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Google Introduce the New Search Console

Few month ago Google announced a Beta version and I have updated the same as per link ( After taking feedback from all users who have access of new version, Google announce it will be live for all user now. This new search console will help to all webmaster to now website’s presence on Google

How to Implement Schema code with Google Tag Manager

Now a day’s almost all website owners are adding schema code to their website. So there are two way to add schema to your website. Implement Hard code On your website Implement with Google Tag Manager Schema has introduce in 2011. is a collection of schemas for structured data which help to search engine

How Create Property SET in Google Search Console?

More than one year Ago Google announced a feature where you can combined your website URL together. Here we can add different version of URL and able to see combined effect of Mobile APP, Mobile Website & Desktop website. With the help of this we are able to know below items combined in a single

How to Increase Local Keywords Ranking

Now a days Local Listing idea of search engine working efficiently. People are taking interest to register their business in Local search engine as well as in local business directory list. In this manner User and client both are getting benefit. Client getting more call and User able to get accurate result in a single

How major success of SEO for your website?

As per my analysis there are many factors which is really accepted by clients. So as per my understanding I have divided SEO success in two major parts. SEO success for clients SEO success for SEO Consultant So first we will discuss SEO success for clients. Clients are paying us so we should firstly focus

Best way to Increase Online Traffic for your website

Search Engine Optimization is the best techniques now a days to generate revenue from your website or product. There are many things which we should do to increase keywords ranking of website for search engine like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Below ae the two major activities for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) 1. On Page Optimization

Benefits of Pursuing Digital Marketing Courses

A number of digital marketing courses are available online these days. One can also pursue these courses in colleges and universities. However, prior to learning more about these courses, it is crucial to know what digital marketing promotion is all about. Digital marketing is a modern business practice involving promotion of brands using interactive media

Why Enroll into a Digital Marketing Training in Ghaziabad

The ecommerce world has evolved a lot since its inception. Lately, the introduction of digital marketing has given a new meaning to online presence of a business. In fact, it has become a critical part of a business, these days. To be able to make the most out of the trend, one either needs to