How to Add your Business on Apple’ Map?

Once upon a time, Google maps was only option for apple users but in 2012 as a part iOS 6 update apple launches own Apple Map.

Now Google and Apple map both option are there for use. Apple is a hardware company and Google is Data Company.

Apple maps improved information a lot but still lagging behind Google. I have already shared the way to add your business in Google map. Today I am sharing some step which you need to follow to add your business in Apple Map.

I will share some data facts as well which will show which is more effective and important. Below is the step which you need to follow to add your business in Apple Map.

Step-1 – Open the URL (, if you have apple id please login or register for a new apple ID.

Step-2 Assuming we have not apple id so doing a registration to get a new apple id. Now you need to choose the location as per below screenshot. You need to fill below information to get Apple ID.

Ø  First Name

Ø  Last Name

Ø  Country

Ø  Date of Birth

Ø  Email ID

Ø  Password

Ø  Security Question 1

Ø  Security Question 2

Ø  Security Question 3

Below is the screenshot of the form and now you need to continue

Step-3 – Now you have done your registration and by doing verification with the code which you have received on your email id confirm your registration. Once you have login you should click on add your business as per below screenshot.

Step-4 Here you need to find your business or you can add new which you have for your business. So I will search place name and location then I will get below two things

  1. There is same business which is already registered and I can claim it
  2. You need to add your business

So I am assuming second step that there is nothing found related to my business I need at add new one as per below screenshot.


I will click on Add New Place and will get below screen.

Once you will fill all required information you will see below screen.

You will get a call to verify your business. Now your business is added and verified on Apple map.

Now I am sharing some reasons why should be add our business in apple map?

  1. There are millions people who is using Apple map
  2. We should use new technology proactively
  3. Now users care about local address and contact details

Hope this blog will share sufficient information by which you can add your business in apple map and will increase your online presence.

Feel free to share your feedback for this blog.