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Digital Marketing Training NCR

Are you a new graduate or an established marketer? As one of the leading digital marketing training for education institutions, we understand your precise needs to upskill / update in digital world. Our well researched and painstakingly designed professional education programmes promises to support you at every stage of your marketing career.

We are supported by a team of globally-recognised, experienced and industry-validated facilities.

About Digital Marketing Course

Digital Marketing is leading the trend across the globe. With the increasing popularity of Internet and new media space across the nation, there is a huge demand for skilled digital marketing professionals in the industry. As per a research, it has been revealed that lakhs of jobs are expected to be created in the space.

Keeping this tremendous demand in mind, we have designed the specialized 'Certification Program in Digital Marketing’. Our internet marketing training for education institute aims towards empowering professionals and entrepreneurs to achieve digital marketing goals. Our teaching techniques are based on project and practical implementation to help students build apt skills and experience in the industry.

Course – An Overview

This Digital Marketing Course is broken down into several viable modules. Most of these modules are based on exercises and case studies. This is to help you to work through the modules to gain in-depth knowledge of the subject.

Module 1: Digital Marketing – An Introduction
  1. Varying Trends in Digital Marketing
  2. An Overview of Digital Marketing
Module 2: Optimization of Website and its Usability
  1. Marketing to the Aware and Evolving Digital Consumer
  2. Website Designs that are Optimized for Conversion
Module 3: Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  1. Google AdWords & Bing Advertising
  2. Display Advertising - Benefits & Challenges
Module 4: Digital Display Advertising
  1. Cross Device Marketing
  2. Understanding and Implementing Remarketing Campaigns
Module 5: YouTube Advertising
  1. Importance of YouTube Advertising
  2. Adept Strategies for Advertising and Effective Implementation
Module 6: Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  1. Effective Social Media Strategy and Its Implementation
  2. Social Media Platforms – How to Use Paid Campaigns
Module 7: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  1. Google Algorithm updates
  2. Learning to Create and Implementing White Hat SEO Strategies
Module 8: Mobile Marketing
  1. Mobile Marketing – An Introduction
  2. Understanding and Implementing Google AdWords & Bing Advertising
Module 9: Affiliate Marketing
  1. Best affiliate sites for monetization
  2. Integrating the best of affiliate strategies into marketing mix
Module 10: Email Marketing
  1. Understanding Email Design and Functionality
  2. Email Marketing Analytics
Module 11: Lead Generation for Business
  1. Effective Techniques for Lead Generation
  2. Best and Ethical Lead Generation Practices
Module 12: Web Analytics
  1. Understanding Data than Matters
  2. Google Analytics Set Up
  3. Understanding user data
Module 13: Integrated Digital Marketing Communications (IMC)
  1. Developing constructive pitch for High Value Clients
What You’ll Learn – A Brief Overview
  1. Designing an effective Online Marketing Strategy integrated with varied crucial marketing objectives
  2. Learn different ways to design and execute Pay Per Click campaigns for Facebook and Google AdWords
  3. Expert ways to crate and launch the best of re-marketing campaigns
  4. Innovative techniques for Search Engine Optimization
  5. Learn ethical ways for integration of SEO
  6. The latest Google Algorithm Updates including the most crucial ones such as Penguin, Panda & Hummingbird
  7. Clear and easy to understand demonstration on "How to use Google AdSense" - As a Publisher
  8. Use of brilliant methods including Email Marketing as a powerful marketing channel
  9. Know about the most effective, operational case practices of Social Media Marketing across all prevalent platforms
  10. Learn all key aspects of Mobile Marketing
  11. Understand online marketing ROI measurement with the help of Web Analytics
  12. Excellent opportunities to implement all that you wish learn on a live project of your choice
  13. Training to gain expertise in attempting Google AdWords Test to help you become a “Google Certified Professional”

Objectives and Outcomes

This meticulously designed Digital Marketing Training and Certification Course aims towards providing a deeper understanding about the best practices prevalent in the competitive field of Digital Marketing. Each session at our digital marketing training for education institutions is kept short to ensure smooth digestible learning. As professionals with many years of experience in the industry, all of our courses are intended to instill the “What, Why & How” of each component of Digital Marketing.

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