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Google Data Studio Tutorial | How to use Optional Metrics in Google Data Studio Dashboard? | in Hindi (Part-12)

#googledatastudio #datastudiotutorial #datastudio Google Data Studio tutorial for beginners in Hindi, In this video I will tell you about optional metrics in data studio and the best way to make your dashboard interactive. Please do watch the complete video till the end for detailed information on it. Dashboard Link:- See them all below video

What report provides data on how specific sections of a website performed?

Location report Top Events report Content Drilldown report Frequency and Recency report Right Answer is Content Drilldown report Explanations -The Content Drilldown report in Google Analytics will show you how visitor attention is distributed — and often wasted — in site areas. It shows you engagement metrics along a navigation path starting from a page

. Which filter would you apply if you only wanted to include data from a campaign titled “Back to School” in Campaign reports?

Custom Include filter with field “Campaign Name” and pattern “back to school” Custom Search and Replace filter with field “Campaign Name”, string “back to school”, and pattern “include” Predefined Include filter with “traffic to the hostname” “that are equal to” “back to school” Custom Include filter with field “Page Title” and pattern “back to school”

Web Analytics Training NCR

Web analytics can be referred to as accurate measurement, collection, scrutiny and recording of internet data. The basic purpose here is to understand and optimizing usage of the internet. The beauty of web analytics lies in its function, both as a tool for measuring website traffic, business research and market research. These days, almost every