Top 5 Things in Google Analytics Reporting Which You Should Optimize for Every Client

Today I am going to share my experience with Google analytics. I am using this tool since 2011. In my early time I always use a normal practice for example just create an account taking a GA code and implemented it on all pages of website. Now I have seen that there is lots of optimization which we can do for Google analytics data optimization.

As per my understanding there 4 basic things on which Google analytics works

Ø  Data Collection

Ø  Processing

Ø  Configurations

Ø  Reporting

So as per these four things Google analytics first collect the data on your site, then processes it based on the configuration and provides the output in different reports which based on ABC structure

A Stands for Acquisition

B stands for Behaviour

C stands for Conversions

Now you can produce any report which you want.

Now I am sharing top 5 things which you should do for your all properties in GA.

  1. Filter Internal Traffic– When you are creating a GA account and you are very well aware about the data then sure you will create GA structure as below

GA Account àPropertyàView 1(Master Data view)àView-2 (Staging View)àView-3(Unfiltered View)

So Master view we will share with business and in this view data should be proper optimized. For getting proper data you should exclude all internal traffic because it will be a cause of wrong analysis. We can say

                                     Internal Traffic = Inaccurate Analysis

By using below step you can use a filter to exclude internal traffic

Step-1 Login GA and click the Master View

Step-2 Click on Admin àFiltersàAdd Filters

Step-3 Name of the Filter – Exclude Internal Traffic

Step-4 Select a condition there and exclude IP address for internal traffic

Step-5 Click Save

You will see below screen once will use these step

2. Keep your Eye on for top Matrices– There should be our main two goal.

    • Primary Goal – Your business related most important matric like application conversion, subscriber, sign-ups etc
    • Secondary Goal –You can consider here below things which is useful for your business

Ø  No of Session for your application

Ø  Bounce rate

Ø  Exit rate

Ø  Top Converted Pages

Ø  Total Page view

  1. Automate your tracking using Alerts– You should create an alert for every change in GA. You are able to set two type of alert
  • Automatic Alerts
  • Custom Alert

In custom alert you can choose some of them filter as shared below

Ø  Goal – Random from in Goals

Ø  Sudden spike in traffic

Ø  Sudden increase in 404

Ø  Sudden increase in bounce rate

Ø  Sudden increase in page load time

  1. Custom Channel Setting– We should check that which is the data is not coming in proper channel, sometimes it happen due to inappropriate tracking we are getting data in different channel so we should optimize the channel by creating new channel.
  2. Avoid Crawler & Bots Traffic– You should do implementation in GA such a manner so that you are able to avoid bots traffic.

Hope this blog will help you to understand the best way for GA optimization. Soon I will share some more on data optimization part.

Top 5 way to Enhance Media Performance with Google Analytics

We can see now a day’s media is performing an important role in all business. So we should understand it better with the help of data. We can collect data in Google analytics by doing a linking of different products of Google.

Today’s customer want a right message in the right time. How users are responding with our ads. We should be aware about this by doing a linking of analytics with Google Ads.

Today we are sharing some more basic step of Analytics and Google ads linking. We are sharing some major points which can consider to deliver the right ad at the right time.

We have an option in analytics where we can initiate Google ads linking as per below screen.

You should use the following path to get that window

Login GA–>Choose Correct View–>Click on Admin–> in Property section click Google Ads Linking

Once you will click on new link group you will see below screen.

In this manner you are able to connect you Google Ads with Google Analytics.

Below are the basis step which is required to enhance media performance.

  1. Link Your GA with Google Ads accounts
  2. Activate Cross Device Capabilities within GA
  3. Create a Analytics Audience in GA to share with Google Ads
  4. Create and Import Goals which will useful for business
  5. Generate and View Reports to take fast decision

So in this manner you are able to enhance media performance with Google Analytics report. On the basis of data you can take a decision so that it will directly impact your media performance.

Please share your feedback if this blog seems helpful for you.