Google Introduce Indexing API for Job Posting URLs

As we know last year Google had introduced Google for Jobs. So now users are getting Job Search in an organic results. Till now Google has Roll Out this feature in 11 countries. For better information you can visit on below URL for Google for Job.

Last June Google introduce job search experience. Due to this millions of job seekers getting relevant job opportunity from third party provider across the web. It’s really a tough job to quickly index all job because jobs are publishing so frequently. To remove an expired job also necessary because it has no benefit for user while we are not accepting any application against that job.

What is Indexing API?

Indexing API will help for webmaster to notify Google when job posting pages are added and deleted. This allow to Google to schedule a job posting for a fresh crawl, which will directly impact your traffic and application conversion. This API will help very in Recruitment industry so owner of recruitment industry will take it on priority.

For now Indexing API will use those URL only for which Job Posting Structure schema has implemented. So as per my understanding we should implemented job posting schema for whole of the website if your business related to Jobs.

How Indexing API work?

There are some basic step which should be follow to used Indexing API. Currently this API allow limited number of URL to submit with Google for crawling.

  • Ø  Complete the Prerequisites – Before using this API you should complete some of the things which still has not done.

o   Create a Project for your Website – Once you will login with you Gmail account in Google developer you will create a project as per below screen

o   Create a Service Account – Once you have created a project than you need to create a service account for the same.

o   Verify Site Ownership in Search console. Verify the domain in search console for which you want to use indexing API.

Get an Access token

To call the Indexing API, the call must be authenticated with an OAuth token that you get in exchange for your private key. Google provides API client libraries to get OAuth tokens for a number of languages. For further details you can visit below URL

Used the Indexing API

Now you can use Indexing API to tell Google which JOB pages deleted and added. The request must specify the location of web pages. Rest you can visit below URL for detain information on it.

Hope this blog will help you initially to understand the use of Indexing API and it will help to increase indexing of your jobs. Please share your feedback so that I am able to write further similar topic.