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What report provides data on how specific sections of a website performed?

Location report Top Events report Content Drilldown report Frequency and Recency report Right Answer is Content Drilldown report Explanations -The Content Drilldown report in Google Analytics will show you how visitor attention is distributed — and often wasted — in site areas. It shows you engagement metrics along a navigation path starting from a page

Google Analytics cannot collect data from which systems by default?

Online point-of-sale systems Offline inventory database Websites Mobile devices Right answer is Offline inventory database Explanation:- Google analytic cannot collect data from Offline inventory database by default. You need “Data import” for this job. With the help of this you can upload offline data in to Google Analytics and can plana journey from online to

What feature must be enabled to use Multi-Channel Funnels?

Custom Dimensions Goals or Ecommerce Advertising Features In-page Analytics Right answer is Goals or Ecommerce Explanantions:- In Analytics, conversions and Ecommerce transactions are credited to the last campaign, search, or ad that referred the user when he or she converted. But what role did prior website referrals, searches, and ads play in that conversion? How

To increase the speed at which Google Analytics compiles reports, what action could be taken?

Choose “Faster response” in the sampling pulldown menu Apply an advanced filter to the report Remove any filters on the view Choose “Greater precision” in the sampling pulldown menu Correct Answer is Choose “Faster response” in the sampling pulldown menu Explanations When sampling is in effect, you see a yellow icon next to the report title.

How would a view filter be configured to include only users from Brazil and Argentina?

Filter 1: exclude all countries except Brazil and Argentina Filter 1: include Brazil or Argentina Filter 1: include Brazil > Filter 2: include Argentina Filter 1: include Argentina > Filter 2: include Brazil Right Answer is Filter 1: include Brazil or Argentina Explanation:- Use filters to limit or modify the data in a view. For example,