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Google Analytics Training Programmes

With advent of time and growing online businesses, importance of Google analytics is something which we cannot deny, So in order to see the best possible outcome of your digital marketing campaign and to have a constant monitoring and record of your website Google analytics is the answer of all your questions.

Google Analytics is the best program which will provide you the best practical solution in everything from covering the basic fundamental of Google Analytics to its implementation to an advanced set up across the multiple domains with e-commerce tracking. The major focus is on the practical part of the tool that applies to all websites in all industries.

Google Analytics Traning

Course to include

There is no pre-requisite to join this course but to have some knowledge of SEO or Internet Marketing would be an added advantage.

Session 1: Intro to Google Analytics

  1. What are Web Analytics?
  2. Getting Started with Google Analytics
  3. Traffic Sources: How did they get here?
  4. Content: What did they do on the site?
  5. Visitors: Who are these people anyway?
  6. Goals & Ecommerce: Did they do what we wanted?
  7. Actionable Insights and the Big Picture

Session 2: Advanced Google Analytics

  1. What Does a Great Analyst Need to Know?
  2. Finding the Needle in the Haystack
  3. Best Practices: Marketing and Advertising
  4. Best Practices: Engagement
  5. Best Practices: Conversion
  6. Improving Your Site: Content Experiments (Formerly: Google Website Optimizer)
  7. Best Practices: Sharing with the Organization

Session 3: Google Analytics Implementation

  1. Configuration and Administration
  2. How Google Analytics Tracking Code Works
  3. Cleaning Up Your Data
  4. Measuring Conversion
  5. Measuring Traffic
  6. Measuring Content
  7. Measuring Visitors
  8. Managing Cookies and Tracking
  9. Conversion Optimization
  10. Extracting Data
  11. Understanding Each Other: IT and Marketing

Anyone can join Google Analytic Training who wants to work in same business starting from a working professional to jobseekers in the same field.

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