Google Added Product Rich Results data in Search Console tool

Google is more focusing on schema implementation and to encourage it now Google announce to add product report into search console.

If you will add schema on your product, then Google search console add those products in search console report and you can check performance of your product.

A new search appearance has added in search console report; which captures search stats for product rich results on Google Search.

Google always enhance the search algorithm so that users will get accurate and correct information, in this process this time Google provide helpful product information to shoppers, Google shows rich product data like product title, description, price and availability with on the search results.

This screenshot shows the product price, description and rating in search result, similar you can enhance your product presence in google.

As of now this this change will not appear for all sits this will shows only for those website owners who have product website and implemented product schema for all product. Below are the steps how you will get this information in Google search console tool?

Once you will login for search console and will click on search appearance then you will get below screen.

More information you can collect from link given below

What are the information we will collect from this result?

Once you will apply schema for your product and it will appear in search console then you are able to know will data from this tool-

  1. How much traffic comes from experiences with rich data like, price, description and availability of the product.
  2. How does shopping traffic change over time, and for what shopping search queries is the website shown?

Hope this information will help us to better to know about our product performance over Google search.

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