What can you use to write applications that manage a Google My Business account and location data?

  • Google My Business website builder
  • Google My Business with AdWords location extensions
  • Google My Business application programming interface (API)
  • AdWords Express

Right Answer is

  • Google My Business application programming interface (API)

Google My Business Latest Update – Added Services Menu in Dashboard

Regularly we are working on Google local listing and seeing frequent changes in dashboard, so that we are able to push more and more information for users.

So this time again Google announced that services menu will add in Google Local Listing dashboard so that we are able to add our product with their price and description. Once it will be live for all region than sure it will added more value in local listing.

So I am just sharing some information how it looks like once live foe all locations:-

If today you will login to local listing and will go in info section in dashboard than you will see below screen.

After new update you will see one more field here in between as per below screen

Once you will click on services section you will get below screen

So as per above screen we are able to add following information which will be visible to users in Google SERP:-

  1. Add Section – so we can add type of services which we are serving to our customer, which will help to give a clear picture to users.
  2. Add Item – We can add item here with their price, so item can be your product, services, food menu etc.
  3. Item Description – We can add item description here so that added item can be understood by user in a clear way and user able to take decision on that item in a fraction of time.

Hope this will add some more idea how we can update local listing interface? Please share your comments so that I am able to write the same in future as well.