Top 5 way to Enhance Media Performance with Google Analytics

We can see now a day’s media is performing an important role in all business. So we should understand it better with the help of data. We can collect data in Google analytics by doing a linking of different products of Google.

Today’s customer want a right message in the right time. How users are responding with our ads. We should be aware about this by doing a linking of analytics with Google Ads.

Today we are sharing some more basic step of Analytics and Google ads linking. We are sharing some major points which can consider to deliver the right ad at the right time.

We have an option in analytics where we can initiate Google ads linking as per below screen.

You should use the following path to get that window

Login GA–>Choose Correct View–>Click on Admin–> in Property section click Google Ads Linking

Once you will click on new link group you will see below screen.

In this manner you are able to connect you Google Ads with Google Analytics.

Below are the basis step which is required to enhance media performance.

  1. Link Your GA with Google Ads accounts
  2. Activate Cross Device Capabilities within GA
  3. Create a Analytics Audience in GA to share with Google Ads
  4. Create and Import Goals which will useful for business
  5. Generate and View Reports to take fast decision

So in this manner you are able to enhance media performance with Google Analytics report. On the basis of data you can take a decision so that it will directly impact your media performance.

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