Google Jobs Implications in Organic Search – Google for Jobs

Google is doing regular changes in their algorithm so users are able to get appropriate results. In continue of these changes Google had announced a big change in May-2017 in US, now this change has been roll out almost in all country.

So today i am sharing the implications of this change in organic results and way to get their job in it.

What is Google for Jobs?

Google for jobs is the new features that will help to job seekers find their job related to search queries in Google’s search result. This had started from US in 2017 and now released for almost all country. Currently Google will include jobs from LinkedIn, Monster, CareerBuilder etc.

Now below will be the top 3 results if you are looking for Jobs in Google.

Google for jobs implications

Once you will click on more jobs you will get 100+ results.

Why this is important to Recruitment Industry?

All the website which is job aggregator now they will get benefit from this feature of Google. All the jobs which are listed there will start to showing in Google search result.

To get this result Google is using machine learning and advance technology to better understand how jobs are classified and related.

How this will impact your recruitment website?

Most job website depends on the free organic traffic that Google sends them because they rank on the first page of Google for their targeted job related keywords.

But this will change now in a big way.

  • If your website is ranking in top for job related keywords and you are getting traffic for this, sure you will lose your organic traffic.
  • Now you will lose your job pages ranking from top to bottom.

There will be two major impacts for job website:-

  • Random decrease in Organic Traffic
  • Decrease in Application conversion getting from Organic
  • Decrease in Revenue getting from Organic

What can be done to avoid this situation if we have job website?

If there is no right tactics using in your company for digital marketing than it will be impossible to come out from this situation. So first aware about the right tactics which can be suggest by a right digital marketing person.

  • Increase your Paid Search and SEO Strategies – Now if you will see the Organic result page than there is top results for paid and than for jobs. So we should work hard to get one of them position at least, which is only possible by Paid or SEO tactics

As per above screen now if I am searching a job than top 4 results for paid and then Google jobs. So we should take place one of them to manage our organic traffic.

  • Change your content strategy to get your job in SERP – Now we should change our content and way of presentation of content in Google. We should implement Schema for all objects of the pages like job category, salary etc

Integrate Jobs with Google!

  • You should strongly adding job posting structure data to increase your exposure. Structure data can help your job posting appear in Google search result.
  • So as per schema you should implement schema as per below screen
  • Once you will do it there will be more chances to show your job in Google job.Apart from it you should update your sitemap which include all jobs with date. If you have more than 10000 jobs post per day than you should make high rate for job posting. You can use below link for the same. this article will help you to know about more Google for Jobs and the way to get your job in Google. I will suggest to all job website owner to make it on priority basis.

    You can comment me for any query or question.

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