How to do a Keywords Research for Search Engine Optimization

What is Keyword?

Keywords is a word or combination of words used as a search query. For example SEO, SEO Training, SEO Training Institutes, SEO training institutes in NCR etc. are example of keywords. Usually when people search something then they type a keyword phrase (More than one word) rather than keywords (Single Word).

Type of Keywords

There are many types of keywords in SEO. First we have divided it into two parts

  1. Branded Keywords
  2. Non Branded Keywords

Branded Keywords – Those keywords which contain your brand name with in Keyword for example your brand name is ABC then you keywords may be “ABC training Institute”.

Non Branded Keywords – Those keywords which does not contain your brand name with in keywords. Further we have categorized non branded keywords in following types.

Ø  Primary Keywords

Ø  Secondary Keywords

Ø  Long Tail Keywords

Ø  Sessional Keywords

Ø  Non Sessional Keywords

Ø  Local Keywords

Ø  Evergreen Keywords

Ø  Product Defining Keywords

Ø  Customer Defining Keywords

Ø  LSI Keywords etc

What you need before starting keyword research?

Before starting your keywords research you should aware about following points for best keyword research. I am sharing example for training institute.

Ø  What type of training people are searching on Google?

Ø  Who is searching for those keywords?

Ø  When people are searching for those keywords?

Ø  Are those keywords are evergreen or sessional?

Ø  Which training they are searching more?

Ø  What they are looking as a training institute?

Ø  Location of the user from they are searching for those keywords.

What is Keyword Research?

Keyword research is a processes which people use to find what they want in Search engine or directories. Due to those keywords they are able to get right information from search engine. So we used most business oriented keyword in content so that we are able to rank on top in all search engine. We should tack care about keywords research processes which will help you to find most useful keywords for your business.

If you will search on Google there are many process you will see which people use for keyword research, here I am using my way of keyword research which will give you best keywords for your business and you are able to grow your business by increasing rank in all search engine.

Step-1 Understand your business clearly and then make a list of top 10  or more keywords for example

  • SEO Training,
  • SEO Training Institute
  • SEO Training in NCR,
  • Best SEO Training Institute
  • Affordable SEO Training Institute etc

Step 2 – Use these keywords and see what Google suggesting in real time related to those keywords. Real time means when you type SEO Training then what Google is suggestion relates to this keywords as per below screenshot.

Repeat the same exercise for all keyword which you have collected in first step.

So by doing this step for all keywords may be you will have more than 100 keywords with you. Now time to analysis all those keywords and decided in which category we will place them.

So here I am suggesting two main factors which we need to tack care at the time of keyword finalization.

o   Competition for the Keyword

o   Searches for the Keywords

Step-3 Now you need to put all 100 keywords in Google Keyword Planner tool and you will get below information along with multiple more keywords. Below is the screenshot when you will put all keywords in keyword planner tool.

From here now you can make N-number of keywords which you can target to increase your business.

I think this processes can be used by anyone for any industry to get required result. Please share your feedback so that I am able to share some more ideas on keyword research.

Why Keyword is Important for SEO?

We know content is the king of search engine. Content is the combination of keywords so if we will use maximum keywords which is related to our business then there is more chances to get top rank for those keywords and this will result to grow in your business.

Hope this blog will help you to do a better keyword research and you will be able to increase your business rapidly.

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