How to Implement Schema code with Google Tag Manager

Now a day’s almost all website owners are adding schema code to their website. So there are two way to add schema to your website.

  1. Implement Hard code On your website
  2. Implement with Google Tag Manager

Schema has introduce in 2011. is a collection of schemas for structured data which help to search engine for better understanding of website content. By implementing schema you can organize your data i.e. how your data should be replicate in search engine.

Today I will discuss the step which you should follow to implement schema for your website.

Step-1 Create Script for Schema Mark-up – you should create schema script as per your requirement. Here I am sharing JSON to implement schema for website logo and Social Links. So as per this step below will be the JSON which we will implement through GTM.

<script type=”application/ld+json”>

{ “@context” : ““,

“@type” : “Organization”,

“name” : “Company Name”,

“url” : “Website URL”,

“sameAs” : [ “Facebook Page URL”,

“Twitter Handle URL”,

“Youtube URL”,

“Google Plus URL”,

“Linked-In URL”]




Step-2 – Open Google Tag Manager and Create a Tag as per below Screen. Click on circled option that is Tag and click on new.

Step-3 Once you will click on new than below screen you will get. Here you should select CUSTOM HTML and paste your JSON which you have prepared.

Now select trigger and create a new trigger where you want to implement schema.

As per above screen you should create a new trigger as per requirement and fire it on required pages. After doing it save tag which you have created.

Now you have successfully created a tag and you can check it in preview and see what value is passing in your tag. When you have completed your implementation than you should check it with DATA STRUCTURE TESTING TOOL. You know the trigger so accordingly can check for any of the pages how your schema looks like. I am sharing one more screens which will show the output of schema implementation.

So I will suggest all marketer should use schema mark-up to get all benefits of this. In this case you can implement it without knowledge of HTML. You did not required any server/ web file access to make change.

Hope this blog will provide you some help to get an idea about schema implementation through Google Tag Manager.

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