How Create Property SET in Google Search Console?

More than one year Ago Google announced a feature where you can combined your website URL together. Here we can add different version of URL and able to see combined effect of Mobile APP, Mobile Website & Desktop website. With the help of this we are able to know below items combined in a single property set:-

  1. Search analytics
  2. Clicks
  3. Impression
  4. CTR
  5. Query Position in SERP
  6. Pages
  7. Country
  8. Devices
  9. Mobile Usability
  10. Accelerated Mobile Pages
  11. International Targeting
  12. Rich Cards

Now I will share all step and benefit of using Property set for your website or Mobile APP. So when you have different-2 version of website URL and want to see them into a single Search Console property then only option you can create a property set. So below is the screenshot where you will get option to create a property set.

Once you create on add a set than you will get below screen. As per below screen you will Set property name and select members (website) which you want to add in this set. Once you will click on Members in set than you will see all website which you have already added in your search console.

Now select from drop-down all the version which you want to add. Than you will start to collect all website data in a single property.

Now you have created a property set and added all version of url in this property. Now data has started populate in this property set. Once you will check this property set than first screen which you will see as per below screen.

Now you need to check which type of data you are getting in property set. Once you will click on a property set you will get below screen along with following stats.

Here are seeing all the stats which we have already mentioned in this Blog. You can explore any of the option given in left hand on screenshot. So in this manner we are able to capture all queries for 3-4 version of website in a single account. Hope this will help you to take decision to make your website more visible in search engine.

When I will click on Search Analytics than you will get deep data search queries along with different-2 matrices as per below screenshot.

Hope this write-up will help you to create a property set for your URL and will get cumulative data. As per this data you are able to make decision for your website which queries/pages is doing well and need to optimize accordingly.

Kindly share your feedback for the same so that I am able to provide similar more articles/blogs for your help.

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