How Google Search Shows date in SERP for your web page?

Hopefully, you have seen sometimes Google Search shows date for your web page. I think some of us are aware about us and some of them not. So I am sharing some common reason which will help to show your date in Google Search for your web page.

Below is the screen where you can see data in Google Search

Way Date are Determined

It totally depends on Google, if Google think if it is related to do so than you will get date there, in some cases like time sensitive and news content which google generally consider.

Google determine a date using a variety of factors, there is not a one factors which will impact this date in SERP. In general there are below reason which is cause if this date:-

  • Show a clear Date – Show a visible date on your web page so that Google pick it from there
  • Use Structure Data – Use schema to show your data in Google there are multiple property which can implement for Date like

o   datePublished

o   dateModified

More best practices for dates on web pages

  • Mention a date of your page when it was updated or you can take this data from server side
  • Try to use the correct time zone as per the country
  • Do not use the future dates
  • Follow Google structure data Guidelines

For further information you can visit Google Search Console Blog.

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