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What is Google Search Console?

I have earlier share some post relates to Search console, again I am sharing some latest information about search console. So small introduction about search console is

“Google Search Console (formerly Google Webmaster Tools) is a free web-basedSEO tool for webmasters to track both the indexing and crawling stats from Googlebot while also providing metrics to help optimize a website for organic visibility”

What is Domain wide data and why need to aggregate it?

We know better in last couple of years Google search console recommend to verify all variation of domain for example:- etc

In this scenario we are unable to analysis data for all variation on a single platform. We should visit all variation than manually collect data and then analysis it.

To overcome this problem Google search console announce the Domain-wide data. If you website already verified with Search Console than also you need to again verify it with DNS.

How to verify domain ownership via DNS record?

Today I am sharing all steps which you need to follow to verify your domain with DNS.

Open Search Console and login with your ID password. Once you login click on Add Property, you will get below screen:-

Now you need to add your domain name so I will add and will get next screen as below

Now you need to update TXT record in DNS Configuration. So there are two things which will happen

  1. IF domain and hosting with same company than you can edit it from domain panel
  2. If you have different company for domain registration and hosting then you need to change it from hosting panel

In my case here I am using the same company for both so now you need to login with Domain registration panel. I am managing it with Godaddy so you will get below screen

Now you will click on ADD button and you will see the below screen

Once you will click on select you will see below option there

Now you will choose TXT and add the code which you will get from search console and you will see below screen

Save this information and verify the same on search console.

If your DNX setting not working well then you will get below screen

If it will verify then you will see below screen and data will start to capture in Search Console.

In few minutes you will get below screen.

Once all completed you will see a pop up like this to start aggregating your data. Click start.

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