Which is better Data Highlighter or Schema mark-up?

Hopefully you have already listened about the mark-up techniques which can be used for your website. So today I will describe here about Data Highlighter and Schema Mark-up. Data highlighter can be used with the help of search console while schema code can be directly inserted into code or you can implement it with Google Tag Manager.

So now question is for myself that what I should use Data Highlighter or Schema?

Both are the ok as per your requirement and both have its pros and cons. So first I will discuss about Data Highlighter Pros and Cons and then will tell you, how you can implement for your website?

Pro’s of Data Highlighter:-

  1. Easy to use and website code is not required
  2. You can do it easily with in limited time and budget
  3. It can be done with the help of tool provide by Google and can be accessed in search console
  4. Perfect way if you are working only for Google not for other search Engine
  5. No technical knowledge required to implement it

Con’s of Data Highlighter

  1. This highlighter will work only for Google not for other search engine like Bing & Yahoo
  2. There are limitations for the data which can be highlighted
  3. You cannot cover all elements of the page, only element can be covered which is mentioned there

Method to use Data Highlighter:-

There are some steps which you should use for data highlighter.

Step-1 First login search console and go for data highlighter option-

Now click on start highlighting and you will get below screen:-

Now you will enter the URL for which you want highlight the data. Also need to select type of page means it is article, event, products etc. Once you will complete these step and click OK than you will get below screen.

So now you can see in screenshot that there are some predefined filed which you can highlight with this tool. Just does a right click on page and add as per field given in data highlighter. As shown in screenshot I have done right click on title and it will come in right hand side panel as per below screen.

Now I will tell you Pro’s and Pro’s of schema mark-up –

If you have implemented schema mark-up for your website than you will have below benefits

  1. Schema mark-up applicable for all search engines not just for Google
  2. There is more than one format which you can use for schema mark-up implementation
  3. We have flexibility to add more element of the page as per our requirement
  4. There are many rich snippets which can be used like address, review, video, local business, job posting etc.

Con’s of Schema Mark-up

Only one which I think for schema is, its little bit tough to implement as we have multiple code to implement.

Hope this blog will help you to understand the basic difference between schema mark-up and data highlighter. In my next blog I will share method to implement schema.

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