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If you have a recruitment business than Google for Job feature job is really too important for you. You should work on it on priority and try to rank your job in it. Once we will add data structure for our jobs our job will be eligible to appear in special user experience in Google search results. We can also integrate with Google by using a third party job site.

For recruitment industry this will feature will brings many benefits.

Ø Prominent Place in Search Result – Your job will be eligible to show in special search result with your logo, rating, review and job details.

Ø  More motivated applicants :- This new user experience enables job seekers to filter by various criteria like job title, location means we will able to attract more applicants who are looking exactly for that job.

Ø  Increases chance of discovered and conversion:- Apart from Paid, local listing and organic search job seekers attract with a new avenue of job and will directly click on the job they are looking for.

Google planning to rollout this feature globally soon, for now this experience is live for below country:-

  1. Kenya
  2. Nigeria
  3. South Africa
  4. India
  5. Argentina
  6. Brazil
  7. Colombia
  8. Chile
  9. Mexico
  10. Canada
  11. United Stats

I am sharing an example which already shared as per below link, if we will implement schema than how our page looks like in schema structure tool:-

Data Structure Posting

How to create a job posting which will be useful for Google for Job:-

Ø  We should make sure that our web pages (Job Detail) pages should not block by robots.txt and no robots meta tag

Ø  We should make sure that host load setting allow for frequent crawl which can be done with the help of following step:-

  • Login to Google Search console
  • Click on setting for the website where you want to change crawl rate
  • Select the crawl rate section as per your requirement as per below screen

Ø  Make sure you are using Google guidelines for job posting

  • Technical Guidelines
  • Use General Sitemap guidelines
  • XML Sitemap should be updated regularly most probability on daily basis
  • Include only those URL which can be accesses by Google Only
  • Do not include search result page, list pages and dynamic pages in the sitemap
  • URLs in sitemap should include the canonical page for each job posting
  • Content Guidelines
  • Job Posting must be valid. A valid job posting allow a job seeker to apply for an available role at a company.

o   Clerical job for a placement agency

o   A restaurant hiring kitchen staff in a single posting

  • Enrich Search quality Guidelines
  • Implement structured data for your job posted
  • Webmaster guidelines – Follow the below basis guidelines at the time of job posting
  • Automatically Generated Content
  • Participating in link schemes
  • Creating page with little or no original content
  • Clocking
  • Sneaky Redirects
  • Hidden links
  • Doorway Pages
  • Scraped Content
  • Using irrelevant keywords in pages
  • Abusing to rich snippets mark-up
  • General Structure data guidelines

Ø  Add Job Posting Structure data for your website

Ø  If you have more than one copies of same job posting use canonical URL

Ø  Test and preview your structure data

Ø  Keep Google informed by submitting sitemap

Ø  If your website need high change rate, which means you have more than 100000jobs posting or more than 10000 changes per day, you need to connect as per below URL:-

Ø  Update you Company Logo

Ø  Add Review about Employers

Hope this blog further help you in details what you can do to rank your job in Google for Job. Please share your feedback to that I am able to share more information on it.

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