Change your Old SEO Strategy and Start working SMART SEO

We know that technology changing day by day, similarly SEO activity should be changes as per Google algorithm. Google doing frequent change in algorithm so to move with Google we also change our old SEO strategy.

We must be sure to provide SEO result with our work otherwise there is not any use of SEO. Once we will share our value in terms of business growing than our SEO will be fruitful for business owner.

Patterns are similar all over the world, only thing we should execute it in a best way. So today I will share some tips for SMART SEO.

It happens in case of SEO that results comes little late so people not ready for wait it. Now a day’s people want immediate result. Due to SEO work it’s not possible to get instant impact on traffic and business. But we can manage it by doing recorded things whatever we are doing than we are able to show the impact of SEO.

SEO is a Long term Processes:- No doubt its along term processes but if you have done it for 12 months than it will work for next 12 more month without doing any activity, if you will continue then the outcome will become double or triple very soon.

Sometimes business owners think that SEO is just to insert the keywords and rank those keywords is SEO, but SMART SEO is the processes where you increase your traffic and business twice or thrice in a year. So today I am sharing my view for SMART SEO.

Specific Goals:-

We should decide our goal as per our business requirement. When we are doing subjective work than its little bit difficult to measure the Goal.

If you are saying that to rank the keywords on #1 will fulfill your Goals but the right goal apart from #1 ranking is if we have achieve the #1 rank than it will complete our business goal or not.

I have seen many times SEO person is saying that all keywords are on top and in real we are not getting any benefit of that ranking. So as a SEO we should work to increase business anyhow.

If you have a small and medium business than ranking keywords on top is a very broad goal. So here I will suggest to set the smaller goal like below:-

  • Make your website Error Free
  • Install Search Console and Start Analysis for Queries
  • Do a deep analysis for Search console and resolve 404, xml error, html error etc

In this manner you are able to show month on month growth for business owner.

Measurable Goal:-

Always specific goal are better than big goals. We can easily measure small goal. So we should include following measurable goal in terms of SEO

  • Ranking of Long Tail Keywords
  • Month on month improvement for primary keywords
  • Citation flow
  • Trust Flow
  • HTML Improvement Status
  • 404 Error Status
  • Back links month on month status
  • Increase in organic traffic
  • Increase in search queries
  • Increase in impression
  • Increase in Leads
  • Number of index URL in Google
  • Number of index URL in Bing
  • Number of Index URL in Yahoo
  • Link status in Google
  • Top Competitors comparison with our website etc.

Achievable Goal:-

We can target our search term ranking and can show easily that we have started from more than 100 and now we are in top 5. So in the competition time it’s not tough to rank #1 but tough is to maintain that ranking.

So if you want to know that your SEO goal is achievable then you should ask some question to yourself:-

  • Do you have the resource to hit these goals?
  • Do you have clear picture, how these goals will affect your business?
  • Are your system and infra is ready to accept high traffic?

Realistic Goals – These goals are also known as relevant Goals. So in terms of SEO if we are saying relevant than its mean that the keywords which are targeting are relevant to our business or not. Sometimes it happens there are some keywords which is not related to our business. So we are away to achieve our goal. So relevant goal we should target right keywords which will help you to increase your leads.

Apart from it the page which is ranking with key phrase is related to key phrase or not. Sometimes it happen wrong page is ranking and user coming to the page and without spending time on it run away from page, so this is increasing bounce rate of the page or website.

Timely Goals:-

Goal of time is really very important and we should decide the time for all activity for SEO like:-

  • SEO Set UP
  • Monitoring
  • Implementation
  • Reporting
  • Lead analysis
  • Lead Reply etc.

While we are doing SEO for any of the project than may be it will take around an year to provide best result but latter on for 1-2 years it will continue without any effort.

Hope these terms will help you to understand the SEO better and the output goals which can be decided by SEO person.

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