Website Migration SEO Checklist: Method Don’t Lose Your Traffic

Pre Launch SEO Activity (SEO Checklist)

  1. Make sure that search engine not crawling staging site
  2. Internal linking review
  • Main & Secondary Navigation
  • Header and Footer Links
  • Body content Links etc.
  1. Technical checks

  • txt File
  • canonical Tag
  • Meta Tag and Robots Tag
  • XML Sitemap
  • Structure Data (if Any)
  • Schema Implementation
  • Header Tag
  • External Links
  • Keywords Ranking
  1. Data Analysis (Google Analytics)
  • Total Organic Traffic
  • Referral Traffic
  • Website Page Average Speed
  • Bounce Rate
  • Application Conversion
  • Unique Page views
  1. Search Console Analysis

  • No of Index Pages
  • Number of clicks
  • Number of Impression
  • Number of Queries
  • Number of Index Pages (URL)
  • Number of Valid URL
  • Number of Excluded URL
  • Top Linking Sites
  • Top Linked Pages
  • Top Linking Text

Launch Day Activity

  1. Technical Spot Checks
  • Make sure search engine are not blocked from crawling
  • Top pages redirects working fine
  • Top pages canonical tags
  • Top pages server response
  • Noindex/Nofollow directives, in case they are unintentional
  1. Search Console Action
  • Submit XML sitemap
  • Check preferred location non www to www
  • Duplicate Content Issue
  • Disavow file
  1. GTM code & Tag Checking
  • GTM ID need to be uique for all pages
  • All tags should be fire as implemented
  • All event should be executed as implemented

Post Launch

  • Check crawl Error and Server Log
  • Pages Crawl per Day
  • Crawl Errors
  • Website Speed
  • Number of index page
  • GA Data extracting and analysis

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