How Customer will Search your Product on Google?

People are coming to Google search new brands and products through their shopping journey. We search Google images, product owners provide the rich snippet data like product description, ratings, and price to help user for better understanding of product.

As of now product schema is there but there is no option to see the impact of it in Search Console. Now like Job Posting, product also added in search console. Detail information can be checked here.

If your product updated information is there on Google then it will help to your users to understand your product better. So this facility now provided by Google to shoppers.

Once you will implement schema for your product, your product looks like as above in picture.

Below are the items which has now live in Search Console for schema implementation?

Ø  Job posting

Ø  Recipe

Ø  Event

Ø  Q&A Page

Ø  Product

Once you will implement schema for product than you will see output as below for the product in schema tool

All the information which we have marked for a product, Google will show this in SERP.

This solution gives you multiple option for better reach of your customers about your products as they shop across Google. So you can now implement schema for your all products and see the major impact in your sell.

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