Top 7 Free ways to promote your Business online

Every business owner wants to promote their business or product in front of their potential customers. Earlier people are doing TV ads and pasting lots of papers door to door. This type of offline and online promotion is too costly. So not to worry, you can promote your business free of cost by knowing some activities.

Today I am sharing top 10 free methods which you can use to promote your business.

  1. Optimize your website for search engine
  2. List your business/products in Local directories
  3. List your business in Google my business
  4. Use social media extensively for business/product promotion
  5. Forum discussion and Question Answers
  6. Schema implementation for your business or product
  7. Showcase your business in YouTube and other video website

Optimize your website for Search Engine:- Now a days if peoples wants to buy some product or services than they will search on it Google than decide to buy the product. If your product is not on google than may be your product will not be among all products for which user looking for.

So I will suggest to optimize your website so that it will appear in Google. I am sharing some basic tips which you can used to promote your website.

Ø  Optimize your images with proper image title and alt tag

Ø  Optimize your html

Ø  Reduce http request

Ø  Use more text instead of images

Ø  Use unique content

Ø  Write proper title and description

Ø  Increase backlinks for your domain

List your business in local directories:- Now we know all business online and if we want to know the address or services in our local area then use some directories to get it. So I will suggest to add your business details into top business listing website. Below are the top 10 business listing website which will help you to increase the traffic and leads.











List your business in Google my Business:-

Now Google shoes a local business address in SERP, so we should also add our business in google local so that it will come in SERP while people searching for similar product or services you have.

Once you will add your business in Google my listing then you will see it in Google search as per below screen.

With the help of this User can reach your website and may be soon it will convert in lead.

Use social media extensively for your Product/Services –

We have seen now after Google users are spending more and more time on Facebook, twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn. So we should be active all the time on all social media channel. From here we are able to capture more and more user for our business. There are some major factors which can be done on social media

  • Discover new ideas and trends
  • Connect with new and existing audience
  • Bring attention and bring traffic to your work
  • Build, craft and enhance your brand

For detail information about social media click here

Forum discussion and Question Answers-

Now a days we have multiple platform where we can put our questions and expert who are there will reply on your question as per their expertise. So if you want to capture more and more users for your product just put a question there and provide detail information about your product. Once your profile will be more popular user will directly come to your website and traffic will increase. Below are some top forum and question answer platform.

Schema implementation for your business or product – If you want your product or service will appear in Google with proper time and description then you need to implement schema. There are multiple type of schema which can be apply on your website as per your business.

Below are the type of schema which can be implement on product or services.

  1. Organization Schema Mark-up
  2. Schema Person Mark-up
  3. Schema local listing mark-up
  4. Schema product and Offer Mark-up
  5. Breadcrumb Mark-up
  6. Article Mark-up
  7. Video Mark-up
  8. Event Schema Mark-up
  9. Recipe Schema Mark-up
  10. Rating Schema Mark-up

Showcase your business in YouTube and other video website

Approximate 4 billion videos are played on YouTube daily. So we should also use this platform to increase our users for our product or services. Best part if you are using unique ideas or content in video than it will show in Google SERP.

So create multiple videos update them as per guidelines so that all will appear in Google search.

I am sharing some guidelines which need to be tack care at the time of uploading or creating video:-

  • Plan ahead so you can tell a story in well manner
  • Keep the camera steady for better quality
  • If audio is key to the story, consider an external mic
  • Don’t use digital zoom
  • Lighting is key for video
  • Shoot for your intended platform
  • Use an editing app to trim unnecessary stuff out
  • Consider using subtitles or on-screen text
  • Aim to catch attention quickly
  • Keep it short so that user can see and move for further video

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