Google Search Console–New URL Inspection Tool-Uses & Benefits

Couple of month Ago Google has introduced a new search console tool. Now Google team has worked on this tool further and added a new tool i.e. URL INSPECTION TOOL.

This tool will help webmasters to know the insight for a specific URL, how Google index the specific page. Google said with the help of this tool you can easily know information about crawling, indexing, AMP and data structure status for a specific url.

Still this option is not available for all search console account, this is in beta version. When it will live than you can directly past your URL which is index in Google and this tool will provide all information related to this URL as below:

Below screen will help you to understand what you will get once you will put your URL in this tool:-

Now there will be another case where your URL will show some error due to structure schema or AMP etc. Below is the screen which will help you to understand this:-

Still I am unable to see this in my account, but Google announced will live it today or in couple of weeks for all search console account.

For more information you can visit Google Search Console Blog.

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