Google Search Console Add new video Performance Report Oct-2019

Now a days Video is the medium which has used a lot in every communication. If we go training, services, product review etc in all we have video on priority. As per time communication mode has changed for example, in search engine first started with content then images then audio and video.

Now Video is the most effective way to communicate now a day, So Google search console has decided to show the video performance report in search console tool, this will help us to know exact performance about our video.

Below are the stats which we can see now in Google search console for video.

  1. Clicks
  2. Impression
  3. Pages
  4. Devices
  5. Countries etc

Apart from it you can customized report and able to extract multiple meaningful data from search console for video.

How our video will come in Google Search Result?

It is a very good question for which I am trying to give answer here. If we want that our video should be there in google search console while users are searching a related keyword to our video, so you need to implement schema there for your video.

If you have implemented schema for video and some error, there than this also will replicate there in search console as per below screenshot. For more detail please see below URL

You need to implement schema in the format as suggested by I am sharing some major schema points which you can use to implement schema for Video

  1. Video must be publicly available without any subscription
  2. Video segment data must be added on page where user can watch the video
  3. Video duration must be more than 30 seconds
  4. Video must have VideoObject structure data
  5. Video must have ability to deep link some other than the start points

In addition to VideoObject, you can add the following two data types to enable video enhancement in Google Search

  • Item List
  • Clip

For VideoObject more details can be see here at

Below are the major required properties for schema

  • Description
  • Name
  • Thumbnailurl
  • Upload Date

Once you will implement all schema required and suggested then your video will start to showing in google, you are able to see your videos stats in search console as per below screen.

Hope this blog will help you to implement schema for your video so that users can see your video in Google web search also.

Please share your feedback and suggestion for the same.




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