How increase Revenue from AdSense

Here I will talk about the best earning platform rather then I will share some tips which will useful to increase your online income in terms of AdSense or Affiliate.

Top ways to boost your Google AdSense Revenue

So, today I am starting my first post to tell you the tips which is really helpful to increase your AdSense income. There are many top tips which are really important if you will apply these tips than sure your income will increase.

Though, online promotion and AdSense revenue is different for all users so you need to try which one is best for you and implement the same. For example as per my experience I will suggest to use the responsive ad most to get good amount from AdSense.

  1. Right Keyword Research for AdSense: – So when you are using AdSense on your blog and website then you should research for keywords which having the highest CPC, than the number of words, keywords and clicks on your ads will increase.
  2. Choose right Size of ad to use on your website: – As per my personal experience I have seen that blow type of ads is working fine in terms of revenue.
    • Responsive Ads
    • 336*280
    • 300*250
    • 160*600
    • 728*90
  3. Select right position to publish your Ad– So we should place our ad on top of the web page. As per my suggestion we should use the below position
    • Below or Above the Title
    • Below the Post Content
    • At the Top, header or sidebar
  4. Color Combinations:- We should tack care the color of the Ad will be same as we are using for our website. Also if you are going to place the text ad unit between your content than try to merge it with your post.
  5. Make your Ad Responsive: Now a day’s responsive website as well as ad are too popular because people using different-2 devices to browse internet.

So to increase your ad revenue, you can try responsive ad. In this case you will able to earn more money as the people who visit your blog through their mobile phone or tablets will also be able to see your ads.

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