Google My Business – Create a Short Name & URL for Your Verified Business

If you have your business registered with Google than you will see a new change in info section. Now you are able to create a short name for your business registered with Google my business.

When you will create a short name (URL) for your business than you can directly share that short URL with your customer they can directly open that URL and able to see your business listing. Customer will enter the url like “[yourcustomname]”, and directly land on your business listing.

So when you login in GMB then in info section you will see this option as per below screen

When you will click on Add profile short name you will see below screen

Now you need to choose the profile short name and create a short URL for your business. Hope this will provide an easy to share your address URL with your users.

As per my understanding there will be below benefits of this short URL-

Ø  You can share this URL with your users and they are able to see full business address in a single click

Ø  You can promote this URL to increase visibility of your business online

Ø  You can share this URL in website content for user ease

Ø  We can promote this URL now on social media and other channels

All custom names and URLs must adhere to the following:

Ø  Google Terms of Service

Ø  Google My Business Additional Terms

Ø  Google My Business policies for representing a business on Google

Ø  Maps User Content Policy

Hope this will provide an extra value in Google local listing. I will suggest to update the same for all verified listing in Google. Please share feedback for the same.

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