How start with Google Analytics?

Now a day every website owner needs to implement Google Analytics on your website. Therefore, we should aware about basic of Google Analytics. Now question comes why all required to implement GA for their website.

  • How many people visit my website?
  • Where do my visitors live?
  • Which page of my website is most popular?
  • Which country gives most traffic to my website?
  • How many visitors have converted into customer?
  • From where my converted user start journey on my website?
  • How my website is performing on Desktop, Mobile and Tablet?
  • Which is the most traffic-generated source to my website?
  • Number of conversion/order I received for my website.
  • Which is the most click object on my website?

There are many other questions too which can be answered by Google. Therefore, to know all about these question we should install Google Analytic on our website. Below is the basic step, which we should follow to implement Google analytics on our website.

How to install Google Analytic?

Before starting Google analytics you should have a Google account with you, which you can use for Gmail, Google Drive, Google+ etc. this account you will use to create a Google analytic account and this account will be treat as an owner of the GA. You can provide GA access to other user as well.

So I am sharing some step here to create GA account-

Set up Your Account Property along with View –

Now you have Google Account with you and able to login for Google analytics as per below screen.

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Once you will login then there will be an option to create an account for your website, and required below information

  • Account Name
  • Website Name
  • Website URL
  • Industry Category
  • Reporting Time zone etc.

Once you will create this account then you will get a tracking ID which you need to place on every page of the website or you can pass it though GTM (Google Tag Manager).

With the help of Single Google account, you are able to create 100 Google Analytic Account, in a one Google Analytic Account, you are able to create 50 properties, and in one property, you can create 25 view. This is the typical structure of Google Analytic.

It’s up to you how you want to manage your website, anytime you can change account and property name as per your requirement.

I am writing here for the beginner so will assume that you have website with you and looking for to create GA account for this.

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Install your Tracking Code:-

Once you have finished with the account creation then you will get a analytics code which you have to put on every page of your website.

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Installations of GA code on your website depend on the platform you are using. As per my suggestion, you should use now GTM (Google Tag Manager) to pass your code throughout the website.

Now you are able to capture data in GA for your website. To make your report more accurate and useful there are some small configuration which should be change.

You will get Goal setting in admin section. Goals will tell you whatever important has been done on your website like, how many user purchase your product, how many users are submitted their contact information etc. Below screen will help you to understand the Goal.

Google Analytics setup goals

There are other some more changes which need to be done after creation of your Google Analytic account.

  • Filter creation
  • Channel Setting
  • Content Grouping etc.

Therefore, I think this article will help you to set up Google analytic account for your website. In next article, we will learn how we can implement customized tracking for our website.

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