Type Of Keywords for SEO and Effective Way to Write title and Meta Description

Type of Keywords

  1. Primary Keywords/ Generic Keywords
  • SEO Training
  • PPC Training
  • SMO Training
  • Analytics Training
  1. Secondary Keywords/ Middle Competitive Keywords
  • SEO On Page Optimization Training
  • Facebook marketing training
  • LinkedIn marketing Training
  • Google Local Listing Training
  1. Sessional Keywords
  • SEO Summer Training
  • Social Media Summer Training
  1. Local Modifier Keywords/ Long Tail Keywords
  • SEO Training in Noida
  • SEO Training in Ghaziabad
  • PPC Training in NCR
  • Social Media Training in Delhi

 Techniques Need to remember at the time of writing Title and Meta description

  • Keyword Proximity
  • Keywords Prominence

Keyword proximity in SEO refers to how close together keywords are to one another, or to another element on the website.

Far Proximity -You should take training to enhance your website visibility on internet. You can learn SEO to do this work at your own end.

Close Proximity – You should take SEO Training to enhance your website visibility on internet. You can learn SEO to do this work at your own end.


Keywords Prominence –

There are various ways to make your keywords more prominent in your content with the help of HMTL. Below are some examples.

  • Bold, Italicizing or underline
  • Use Heading Tags
  • Provide Link of the targeted keywords

Website Migration SEO Checklist: Method Don’t Lose Your Traffic

Pre Launch SEO Activity (SEO Checklist)

  1. Make sure that search engine not crawling staging site
  2. Internal linking review
  • Main & Secondary Navigation
  • Header and Footer Links
  • Body content Links etc.
  1. Technical checks

  • txt File
  • canonical Tag
  • Meta Tag and Robots Tag
  • XML Sitemap
  • Structure Data (if Any)
  • Schema Implementation
  • Header Tag
  • External Links
  • Keywords Ranking
  1. Data Analysis (Google Analytics)
  • Total Organic Traffic
  • Referral Traffic
  • Website Page Average Speed
  • Bounce Rate
  • Application Conversion
  • Unique Page views
  1. Search Console Analysis

  • No of Index Pages
  • Number of clicks
  • Number of Impression
  • Number of Queries
  • Number of Index Pages (URL)
  • Number of Valid URL
  • Number of Excluded URL
  • Top Linking Sites
  • Top Linked Pages
  • Top Linking Text

Launch Day Activity

  1. Technical Spot Checks
  • Make sure search engine are not blocked from crawling
  • Top pages redirects working fine
  • Top pages canonical tags
  • Top pages server response
  • Noindex/Nofollow directives, in case they are unintentional
  1. Search Console Action
  • Submit XML sitemap
  • Check preferred location non www to www
  • Duplicate Content Issue
  • Disavow file
  1. GTM code & Tag Checking
  • GTM ID need to be uique for all pages
  • All tags should be fire as implemented
  • All event should be executed as implemented

Post Launch

  • Check crawl Error and Server Log
  • Pages Crawl per Day
  • Crawl Errors
  • Website Speed
  • Number of index page
  • GA Data extracting and analysis

How to do a Keywords Research for Search Engine Optimization

What is Keyword?

Keywords is a word or combination of words used as a search query. For example SEO, SEO Training, SEO Training Institutes, SEO training institutes in NCR etc. are example of keywords. Usually when people search something then they type a keyword phrase (More than one word) rather than keywords (Single Word).

Type of Keywords

There are many types of keywords in SEO. First we have divided it into two parts

  1. Branded Keywords
  2. Non Branded Keywords

Branded Keywords – Those keywords which contain your brand name with in Keyword for example your brand name is ABC then you keywords may be “ABC training Institute”.

Non Branded Keywords – Those keywords which does not contain your brand name with in keywords. Further we have categorized non branded keywords in following types.

Ø  Primary Keywords

Ø  Secondary Keywords

Ø  Long Tail Keywords

Ø  Sessional Keywords

Ø  Non Sessional Keywords

Ø  Local Keywords

Ø  Evergreen Keywords

Ø  Product Defining Keywords

Ø  Customer Defining Keywords

Ø  LSI Keywords etc

What you need before starting keyword research?

Before starting your keywords research you should aware about following points for best keyword research. I am sharing example for training institute.

Ø  What type of training people are searching on Google?

Ø  Who is searching for those keywords?

Ø  When people are searching for those keywords?

Ø  Are those keywords are evergreen or sessional?

Ø  Which training they are searching more?

Ø  What they are looking as a training institute?

Ø  Location of the user from they are searching for those keywords.

What is Keyword Research?

Keyword research is a processes which people use to find what they want in Search engine or directories. Due to those keywords they are able to get right information from search engine. So we used most business oriented keyword in content so that we are able to rank on top in all search engine. We should tack care about keywords research processes which will help you to find most useful keywords for your business.

If you will search on Google there are many process you will see which people use for keyword research, here I am using my way of keyword research which will give you best keywords for your business and you are able to grow your business by increasing rank in all search engine.

Step-1 Understand your business clearly and then make a list of top 10  or more keywords for example

  • SEO Training,
  • SEO Training Institute
  • SEO Training in NCR,
  • Best SEO Training Institute
  • Affordable SEO Training Institute etc

Step 2 – Use these keywords and see what Google suggesting in real time related to those keywords. Real time means when you type SEO Training then what Google is suggestion relates to this keywords as per below screenshot.

Repeat the same exercise for all keyword which you have collected in first step.

So by doing this step for all keywords may be you will have more than 100 keywords with you. Now time to analysis all those keywords and decided in which category we will place them.

So here I am suggesting two main factors which we need to tack care at the time of keyword finalization.

o   Competition for the Keyword

o   Searches for the Keywords

Step-3 Now you need to put all 100 keywords in Google Keyword Planner tool and you will get below information along with multiple more keywords. Below is the screenshot when you will put all keywords in keyword planner tool.

From here now you can make N-number of keywords which you can target to increase your business.

I think this processes can be used by anyone for any industry to get required result. Please share your feedback so that I am able to share some more ideas on keyword research.

Why Keyword is Important for SEO?

We know content is the king of search engine. Content is the combination of keywords so if we will use maximum keywords which is related to our business then there is more chances to get top rank for those keywords and this will result to grow in your business.

Hope this blog will help you to do a better keyword research and you will be able to increase your business rapidly.

Grow your business with Digital Marketing and search engine optimization

We know if we want to increase our business then leads are the top most goal to achieve for every businessman. If leads increasing then business also will increase day to day. Business owner understand that leads can increase by doing a phone call and sending email to the customer but now the situation has changed. Apart from these medium online marketing growing rapidly. In last couple of years we have seen sudden growth in online marketing.

Now people search everything online and more than 60% leads are generating from online marketing.  If your sales people are not using online communication via email, social media and SEO, you would not be able to generate leads as you want.

After all a user is in hurry, he do not have lot of time to get information through newspaper and website content. They are looking for instant relevant information which can be shown them with the help of SEO.

For example there are some users who is looking for training institute then they will search online a keyword like Digital Marketing Training Institute in Ghaziabad then below result will appear in Google.

So as per above screenshot you can see that user is getting proper information in one search this is due to SEO and digital marketing.

So the way by which Google is showing this information called SEO that is you search some keyword and result will display in Google as per your keyword. Your website or business information must be on top so that you will get leads to increase your business. This is possible by doing some digital marketing work.

Here are some below things which required to do proper SEO.

  1. Choose Proper/ Relevant keywords for your business
  2. Write informative and keyword rich Meta Description
  3. Make your website Responsive
  4. List your business in Google and be active on it
  5. Regularly produced informative content for your website
  6. Write some blog post
  7. Improve your website speed
  8. Optimize your Images by using proper title and alt tag
  9. Promote your website on social media
  10. Track all activity with analytic tool

If you are using all the things mentioned above then sure you can increase online leads which will directly impact your business.

How Google Search Shows date in SERP for your web page?

Hopefully, you have seen sometimes Google Search shows date for your web page. I think some of us are aware about us and some of them not. So I am sharing some common reason which will help to show your date in Google Search for your web page.

Below is the screen where you can see data in Google Search

Way Date are Determined

It totally depends on Google, if Google think if it is related to do so than you will get date there, in some cases like time sensitive and news content which google generally consider.

Google determine a date using a variety of factors, there is not a one factors which will impact this date in SERP. In general there are below reason which is cause if this date:-

  • Show a clear Date – Show a visible date on your web page so that Google pick it from there
  • Use Structure Data – Use schema to show your data in Google there are multiple property which can implement for Date like

o   datePublished

o   dateModified

More best practices for dates on web pages

  • Mention a date of your page when it was updated or you can take this data from server side
  • Try to use the correct time zone as per the country
  • Do not use the future dates
  • Follow Google structure data Guidelines

For further information you can visit Google Search Console Blog.

Top 7 Free ways to promote your Business online

Every business owner wants to promote their business or product in front of their potential customers. Earlier people are doing TV ads and pasting lots of papers door to door. This type of offline and online promotion is too costly. So not to worry, you can promote your business free of cost by knowing some activities.

Today I am sharing top 10 free methods which you can use to promote your business.

  1. Optimize your website for search engine
  2. List your business/products in Local directories
  3. List your business in Google my business
  4. Use social media extensively for business/product promotion
  5. Forum discussion and Question Answers
  6. Schema implementation for your business or product
  7. Showcase your business in YouTube and other video website

Optimize your website for Search Engine:- Now a days if peoples wants to buy some product or services than they will search on it Google than decide to buy the product. If your product is not on google than may be your product will not be among all products for which user looking for.

So I will suggest to optimize your website so that it will appear in Google. I am sharing some basic tips which you can used to promote your website.

Ø  Optimize your images with proper image title and alt tag

Ø  Optimize your html

Ø  Reduce http request

Ø  Use more text instead of images

Ø  Use unique content

Ø  Write proper title and description

Ø  Increase backlinks for your domain

List your business in local directories:- Now we know all business online and if we want to know the address or services in our local area then use some directories to get it. So I will suggest to add your business details into top business listing website. Below are the top 10 business listing website which will help you to increase the traffic and leads.

Ø  http://www.yelp.com/

Ø  https://www.google.com/business

Ø  http://www.bing.com/local

Ø  https://foursquare.com

Ø  http://www.yellowpages.com

Ø  http://lafayette.citysearch.com

Ø  http://www.manta.com

Ø  http://www.Local.com

Ø  http://www.kudzu.com

Ø  https://www.where2go.com

List your business in Google my Business:-

Now Google shoes a local business address in SERP, so we should also add our business in google local so that it will come in SERP while people searching for similar product or services you have.

Once you will add your business in Google my listing then you will see it in Google search as per below screen.

With the help of this User can reach your website and may be soon it will convert in lead.

Use social media extensively for your Product/Services –

We have seen now after Google users are spending more and more time on Facebook, twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn. So we should be active all the time on all social media channel. From here we are able to capture more and more user for our business. There are some major factors which can be done on social media

  • Discover new ideas and trends
  • Connect with new and existing audience
  • Bring attention and bring traffic to your work
  • Build, craft and enhance your brand

For detail information about social media click here

Forum discussion and Question Answers-

Now a days we have multiple platform where we can put our questions and expert who are there will reply on your question as per their expertise. So if you want to capture more and more users for your product just put a question there and provide detail information about your product. Once your profile will be more popular user will directly come to your website and traffic will increase. Below are some top forum and question answer platform.

Schema implementation for your business or product – If you want your product or service will appear in Google with proper time and description then you need to implement schema. There are multiple type of schema which can be apply on your website as per your business.

Below are the type of schema which can be implement on product or services.

  1. Organization Schema Mark-up
  2. Schema Person Mark-up
  3. Schema local listing mark-up
  4. Schema product and Offer Mark-up
  5. Breadcrumb Mark-up
  6. Article Mark-up
  7. Video Mark-up
  8. Event Schema Mark-up
  9. Recipe Schema Mark-up
  10. Rating Schema Mark-up

Showcase your business in YouTube and other video website

Approximate 4 billion videos are played on YouTube daily. So we should also use this platform to increase our users for our product or services. Best part if you are using unique ideas or content in video than it will show in Google SERP.

So create multiple videos update them as per guidelines so that all will appear in Google search.

I am sharing some guidelines which need to be tack care at the time of uploading or creating video:-

  • Plan ahead so you can tell a story in well manner
  • Keep the camera steady for better quality
  • If audio is key to the story, consider an external mic
  • Don’t use digital zoom
  • Lighting is key for video
  • Shoot for your intended platform
  • Use an editing app to trim unnecessary stuff out
  • Consider using subtitles or on-screen text
  • Aim to catch attention quickly
  • Keep it short so that user can see and move for further video

Change your Old SEO Strategy and Start working SMART SEO

We know that technology changing day by day, similarly SEO activity should be changes as per Google algorithm. Google doing frequent change in algorithm so to move with Google we also change our old SEO strategy.

We must be sure to provide SEO result with our work otherwise there is not any use of SEO. Once we will share our value in terms of business growing than our SEO will be fruitful for business owner.

Patterns are similar all over the world, only thing we should execute it in a best way. So today I will share some tips for SMART SEO.

It happens in case of SEO that results comes little late so people not ready for wait it. Now a day’s people want immediate result. Due to SEO work it’s not possible to get instant impact on traffic and business. But we can manage it by doing recorded things whatever we are doing than we are able to show the impact of SEO.

SEO is a Long term Processes:- No doubt its along term processes but if you have done it for 12 months than it will work for next 12 more month without doing any activity, if you will continue then the outcome will become double or triple very soon.

Sometimes business owners think that SEO is just to insert the keywords and rank those keywords is SEO, but SMART SEO is the processes where you increase your traffic and business twice or thrice in a year. So today I am sharing my view for SMART SEO.

Specific Goals:-

We should decide our goal as per our business requirement. When we are doing subjective work than its little bit difficult to measure the Goal.

If you are saying that to rank the keywords on #1 will fulfill your Goals but the right goal apart from #1 ranking is if we have achieve the #1 rank than it will complete our business goal or not.

I have seen many times SEO person is saying that all keywords are on top and in real we are not getting any benefit of that ranking. So as a SEO we should work to increase business anyhow.

If you have a small and medium business than ranking keywords on top is a very broad goal. So here I will suggest to set the smaller goal like below:-

  • Make your website Error Free
  • Install Search Console and Start Analysis for Queries
  • Do a deep analysis for Search console and resolve 404, xml error, html error etc

In this manner you are able to show month on month growth for business owner.

Measurable Goal:-

Always specific goal are better than big goals. We can easily measure small goal. So we should include following measurable goal in terms of SEO

  • Ranking of Long Tail Keywords
  • Month on month improvement for primary keywords
  • Citation flow
  • Trust Flow
  • HTML Improvement Status
  • 404 Error Status
  • Back links month on month status
  • Increase in organic traffic
  • Increase in search queries
  • Increase in impression
  • Increase in Leads
  • Number of index URL in Google
  • Number of index URL in Bing
  • Number of Index URL in Yahoo
  • Link status in Google
  • Top Competitors comparison with our website etc.

Achievable Goal:-

We can target our search term ranking and can show easily that we have started from more than 100 and now we are in top 5. So in the competition time it’s not tough to rank #1 but tough is to maintain that ranking.

So if you want to know that your SEO goal is achievable then you should ask some question to yourself:-

  • Do you have the resource to hit these goals?
  • Do you have clear picture, how these goals will affect your business?
  • Are your system and infra is ready to accept high traffic?

Realistic Goals – These goals are also known as relevant Goals. So in terms of SEO if we are saying relevant than its mean that the keywords which are targeting are relevant to our business or not. Sometimes it happens there are some keywords which is not related to our business. So we are away to achieve our goal. So relevant goal we should target right keywords which will help you to increase your leads.

Apart from it the page which is ranking with key phrase is related to key phrase or not. Sometimes it happen wrong page is ranking and user coming to the page and without spending time on it run away from page, so this is increasing bounce rate of the page or website.

Timely Goals:-

Goal of time is really very important and we should decide the time for all activity for SEO like:-

  • SEO Set UP
  • Monitoring
  • Implementation
  • Reporting
  • Lead analysis
  • Lead Reply etc.

While we are doing SEO for any of the project than may be it will take around an year to provide best result but latter on for 1-2 years it will continue without any effort.

Hope these terms will help you to understand the SEO better and the output goals which can be decided by SEO person.

Please share your comment so that I am able to write further on it.

What should you do for Google mobile indexing?

Mobile traffic and indexing is top priority in 2018. Smartphone users are increasing very rapidly. If you will search on internet you will see many blogs and article which are sharing their view and strategy to do it. But still you will not get the exact step which you should follow to complete this task.

Today I am sharing some point with you which will really help you to increase your mobile indexing.

  1. Check your website is mobile compatible or not– this can be done by following steps:-

Ø  Check your website is responsive or not

Ø  Dynamic Serving

Ø  You are using m dot (mobile site)

If your website is not mobile compatible then you should ask your team to do it on priority basis.

  1. Load Time and Page Speed:- we must check our pages speed and load time on mobile device. If it will be ok than there will be more chances to index all pages soon in mobile.

So you can check Load time with the help of many tools:-

Similarly you can check web page speed. Both should be as per guidelines for better indexing.

  1. Meta tag and all other Tags:-we should check the title and description which we have updated on desktop version also work for mobile or not. And need to update accordingly.

Apart from it there is different schema which will work for mobile pages only. So update the same for better indexing.

  1. Mobile Friendliness – We have one more tool i.e. search console tool which will help us to know mobile friendliness. If you do not have login credentials or verified domain for search console first do and then check for friendliness.


Hope this blog will help you to increase your indexing for mobile and you can check your content is crawled by mobilebot or not.

Please share you comment so that I am able to write further on this topic.