How to Increase Local Keywords Ranking

Now a days Local Listing idea of search engine working efficiently. People are taking interest to register their business in Local search engine as well as in local business directory list. In this manner User and client both are getting benefit. Client getting more call and User able to get accurate result in a single click as per his/her need.

So today I will discuss below two things related to Local Listing:-

  1. How to extract more keywords for Local Listing?
  2. How increase ranking for Local listing keywords?

When we thing to register our business in Local directories and search engine than we always think that people will search this term related to our business and our listing will be rank on top. So today I am taking an example of software Design and Development Company located in United States (New York). So we will research keywords which need to be targeted for this company locally to get more business from local area as well with the help of Local Listing.

Step 1 – See Google Suggestion for the Keywords and Include in your list as per below screenshot.

I have done this exercise for a single keyword, you need to perform it for multiple keywords. Once you have 10 to 20 keywords with you with the help of Google Suggestion than push these into AdWords Keyword Planner tool.

In this fashion you are able to extract a good amount of keywords which we should target for local listing. Hope this will provide some help to you to extract more good keywords.

Now I am moving towards to rank our keywords. No doubt we work for ranking for multiple factor and as per our experience we see which factor is working well and follow the same.

I am sharing some Key-Points which is really necessary to do for better ranking in Local keywords.

  1. Update your Listing as per Google Guidelines
  2. Update your business into other Local Directories
  3. Update (On Page) i.e title, keywords, description, category etc
  4. Maximum Review for your Listing
  5. Update Social Profile and add their Business where possible
  6. Upload maximum photo for your listing as possible
  7. Update working hours and special working hours
  8. Implement schema for your NAP (Name, Address and Phone Number)
  9. Review should be update locally with higher rating
  10. Check and Ranking on regular interval and update the keywords which is going Down
  11. Update Google plus Page associated with Local Listing on regular basis.
  12. Update Post on regular basis for all Listed location

Hope if you will follow these step than you will get a better ranking for your local keywords. Please share your feedback so that I am able to write further as per your requirement.