Top Methods to rank your keywords higher in Google

Ranking in Google involves website optimization with right keyword. If you want to learn how you can rank higher your keywords in Google then you should follow this article/blog. First I will tell you types of keywords and how your all keywords get rank in Google.

As per Google search engine there are main four things which you will see once you will search some keywords.

There are following type of keywords-

Ø  Organic Keywords (Non Branded Keywords)

Ø  Branded Keywords

Ø  Local Modifier Keywords

Ø  Job Searching Keywords

There type of keywords further can be divided as per your website nature and requirement.

I am sharing some screen which will clear that what are you searching & what are you getting in Google?

For example you are looking for some organic keywords “Digital Marketing Training” then you will get below screen i.e. combination of organic, paid & local results as shown below.

Paid Result – You can see paid result in top and bottom which indicated by a small icon “AD”. There is the placement for which website owner pay to Google to show their website in Google search for targeted keywords. For example you asked to Google show your website on keywords “Digital Training” then you should pay some amount to Google to get this ranking.

For more information you can visit at

Local Results –Google maps results are displayed here in google organic result with a different image or map and listing having below information:-

Ø  Company Name

Ø  Company website

Ø  Direction Button

Ø  Company Category

Ø  Company Address

Ø  Company Rating etc

Most probability to show these result in organic search if you are using location in your keyword. For example you are searching for “Digital Marketing Training in Noida”.

There are higher chances to rank these type of keywords because we are doing competition within the location so competition will automatically down.

Organic Search Result – Organic results are free results which you can see after Google ads. Organic results appear in search which follow all guidelines and obey the ranking signal of Google. Organic results include wider range of website not just a local business.

In organic result top website are those website which is optimized well as per search engine optimization guidelines. They have good amount of links (internal and External).

Now today I am telling you top 7 ways which will help you to rank your keyword higher in organic search.

  1. Find your keywords your customers are searching
  2. Optimize your Google my business page
  3. Optimize your website as per SEO
  4. Make your website Responsive
  5. Increase links by doing link building
  6. Get reviews on Google my business listing
  7. Create fresh content with high keyword density

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