Now Google Search Console Shows Google Selected Canonical URLs

We have seen as of now that we provide tag for canonical URL and tells Google which is the original page and which one is duplicate. Now Google has updated the algorithm and now Google will decide the right canonical URL.

So we can say this is good news for all webmaster because now we will get rid of duplicate pages without any effort while we have those pages on our website.

So there are two major points:-

  • ¬†You can check which URL considered canonical URL
  • If you think this is not correct you can make the changes by following some steps

First I will tell you how you can see the canonical URL-

You need to login in search console and open URL inspection tool as per below screen.

Now you need to enter the URL for which you want check that which URL has considered by Google as canonical URL.

As per below screen url is correct, now i am sharing a screen where Google search console has considered different canonical url, see below screen of search console

Hope now it is clear how Google consider right canonical url, still if you think this is not correct you can request to google to consider the right one.

If Google has not selected right canonical url then you can change it by following the steps on duplicate URLS

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