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Type Of Keywords for SEO and Effective Way to Write title and Meta Description

Type of Keywords Primary Keywords/ Generic Keywords SEO Training PPC Training SMO Training Analytics Training Secondary Keywords/ Middle Competitive Keywords SEO On Page Optimization Training Facebook marketing training LinkedIn marketing Training Google Local Listing Training Sessional Keywords SEO Summer Training Social Media Summer Training Local Modifier Keywords/ Long Tail Keywords SEO Training in Noida SEO

Which AdWords settings are specified at the account level?

A)  A daily budget and a set of keywords and placements B)  Network distribution preferences and a set of keywords C)  A unique email address, a password, and billing information D)  Location targeting, cost-per-click (CPC) bids, and match types Right Answer is C)  A unique email address, a password, and billing information Explanation- There are different levels in the AdWords

What is a benefit of online advertising with Google AdWords?

A)  Advertisers can identify the Internet Protocol (IP) address of users who are searching for products B)  Ads can include up to 50 characters for the first three lines of ad text C)  Ads are displayed to users who are searching for a particular product of service D)  Advertisers can pay to place their websites in the natural search

Which of the following is a benefit of doing pre-call planning before pitching online advertising solutions to a client?

To guarantee that the client will make a decision by the end of the meeting. Preparation is only important if you have multi-person meeting with the client and want to avoid confusion about each person’s role in the meeting. To prepare for potential objections that the client may have. Preparation is not critical if you